Living Green: Calenzano The building complex includes four buildings, each consisting of three above-ground floors plus a basement, alternating with large green and pedestrian areas. The project envisages the construction of 6900 square metres of gross floor area, of which, 5300 square metres for re

Tours Jumelles de Brazzaville Jumelles de Brazzaville aspires to be one of the most prestigious and modern buildings in the city with its 55.00 m high and 5000 m2 of floor space. The first two floors are intended for shops and boutiques; the second, third and fourth floors are for private offices. F

Social Housing: Experimental Housing Interventions The social housing project is part of a design competition, which focuses on experimental ideas in the field of housing, in order to rethink living spaces as a consequence of the needs connected to the COVID19 emergency. The living concept translate

Social Housing: Gello Living For the design of the buildings, a strategy of fragmentation of the façades was identified in order to lighten the project and favour their inclusion in the urban context. The constitutive-functional elements have been broken up to obtain a formal counterpoint in which

Private Villa Montecatini Renovation of a farmhouse building with consolidation of all the masonry structures by means of reinforced concrete slabs, re-straightening of the joints and insertion of metal frames, reconstruction of the wooden horizons and roofing and stiffening of the same with a light

Fibbiana Residential Complex The project originated from the recovery plan of the former Pasquali -Macchine Agricole area. The five subdivisions plan (the four residential subdivisions and a new university campus) is configured around a green area that traces a perspective view of the natural landsc

Social Housing: Living Green The ever-increasing demand for low-rent housing in Prato determined the need to study a design proposal that had as its strong points both the liveability and the need for a close connection with the existing urban context. The desire to create a large urban park at the