SRT71: Calbenzano S. Mama Variant The project for the construction of the variant to SRT 71 between Calbenzano and S. Mama in the Municipality of Subbiano (AR), the so-called 'lot 2', started from the final section of the Calbenzano variant and, after a total length of about 1.82 km, joine

Florence-Prato railway subway The project is part of the works for the completion of the Florence-Mezzana (Prato) road axis. The works involves the construction of the platform , the monolith in reinforced concrete, and the completion works of the monolith itself. The temporary support system was re

SR325: Adaptation and safety project. The upgrading and safety work involves a section of approx. 300 m of road S.R. 325 and a section of approx. 140 m of municipal road, via Fosco Ciampi, in the locality of "Il Fabbro", in the Municipality of Vaiano. The project of the intervention "

Viale Enrico Berlinguer: A11 Motorway Crossing The design of infrastructures serving an industrial complex represents a great project not only from a technical and functional point of view but also from an urban and environmental one. The solutions that realise the internal and connecting road syste

Doubling the Parma-La Spezia railway line The project is part of the Pontremolese infrastructural improvement and concerns the doubling of the section between Solignano village and the P.d.M. of Osteriazza. The track has a length of about 11 km and is designed for a travel speed of 160 km/h. The mos