Social Housing: Experimental Housing Interventions

The social housing project is part of a design competition, which focuses on experimental ideas in the field of housing, in order to rethink living spaces as a consequence of the needs connected to the COVID19 emergency. The living concept translates in two different lots to test its applicability on real cases. A multi- sotrey building system with balconies, which allows an open-air distribution of the flats offering great possibilities for social interactions of inhabitants. Hanging gardens and suspended squares invite interactions between residents and offer spaces for social sharing. The distribution matrix becomes a kind of vertical ground that physically communicate with the real ground, through the continuity of pathways. A system of solar greenhouses connect the distribution matrix to the actual residential block, constituting a temperature mitigation space capable of providing high energy comfort. The people who walk and animate the balconies relate directly with those who use the gardens, playgrounds and terminals of the urban connections.

location: Italia
client: Fondo Housing Toscano
year: 2022
project cost: n.d.
services: Competition