Conad Shopping Centre: Cintolese The shopping complex project is located in the province of Pistoia and has a surface area of approximately 5,200 square metres. It houses a large selling structure, as well as providing parking and spacious outdoor spaces. The main structure is prefabricated, with so

New Logistics Hub: UPS The area designated to host the new UPS Hub is located within the Macrolotto 2 industrial estate. The building consists of approximately 8300 square metres of covered surface area including an office area of approximately 630 square metres distributed on two levels. There are

Business Complex: Texco The urban context is characterised by manufacturing buildings, typical of the Industrial Macrolotto No. 2 in Prato. The presence of the A11 motorway and viale Enrico Berlinguer made this lot particularly visible and therefore, deserving of a higher profile architectural desig

Poggio Landi Winery: Dievole The project for the Poggio Landi Winery is developed around the theme of an integrated visitor experience between the operational, receptional and relational spaces, both inside the building and on the outside terraces. An open space on the front of the tasting area, def

Logistics Complex: Susa SpA The new headquarters of SUSA S.P.A., a leading provider of integrated transport services, is located within the Interporto of Toscany Central area. The building, intended for "Shipping and Logistics", consists of a single two-storey building unit with a covered

Fi.Bem Production Complex The Fi.Bem production complex is located within the Macrolotto 2, industrial subdivision, the largest on a national scale. The building, with its 4,260 square metres of surface area destined to artisanal/production and 1,160 square metres destined to management purposes, st

Barberino Designer Outlet Inspired by the architectural style of the splendid Renaissance villas of Mugello, Barberino Designer Outlet is crossed by the Sieve river, with a series of bridges connecting the shops. The centre offers a unique architectural experience by recreating an entire village wit

Urban Regeneration of Macrolotto Zero The urban regeneration concerns an area located within the industrial zone known as Macrolotto Zero located between Via Pistoiese and Via dell’Alberaccio. It is a set of disused buildings used in the past in the textile industry. The reuse project envisage