Villa Rosmini The project is part of a building renovation with volumetric enlargement, of a building constructed before the 1940s, privately owned, located in Via Rosmini in Prato and situated within a residential district close to the historic centre. location: Pratoclient: Edilciacci srlyear: 202

Wool Art: Vaj Palace The Palazzo Vaj is one of the most prestigious building complexes in the city of Prato. It consists in a complex of buildings with varying compositions and dates. It is subjected to the current national protection regulations, having been under constraint for some time. Thanks t

Architectural Complex Il Conventino The functional and architectural recovery of the monumental complex "Il Conventino", or the Convent of St. Francis de Sales in the popular San Frediano district, corresponds to a long-awaited desire of the city of Florence, especially since 2002 when the

Villa Santa Cristina The project aims at the re-functionalisation of the architectural-environmental organism of Villa Santa Cristina in Pimonte, consisting in the historic complex of Villa Leonetti Benelli and the twentieth-century buildings, within the monumental park-garden. The building complex

Monastery of Crocetta The architectural complex, consisting of the Church and the Monastery of the Dominican Sisters of Crocetta, is located in the area known as Varlungo in Florence. The project for the refunctionalisation and architectural reuse of the complex envisages the construction of two soc