Wool Art: Vaj Palace

The Palazzo Vaj is one of the most prestigious building complexes in the city of Prato. It consists in a complex of buildings with varying compositions and dates. It is subjected to the current national protection regulations, having been under constraint for some time. Thanks to a systematic and capillary analysis of the conditions of use, internal distribution, accessibility and usability of the spaces, as well as the state of degradation, it was possible to elaborate a complex project of functional rehabilitation, structural consolidation and architectural restoration that led the building to rediscover its former prestige and splendour.

location: Prato
client: Associazione Industriale e Commerciale dell’Arte della Lana
project cost: €2.000.000
services: Architectural and Structural Design and Supervision of Works

Today, Palazzo Vaj is home to Prato’s main professional associations (Palazzo delle Professioni), Monash University,

and contains conference rooms, several flats and several commercial activities.