Architectural Complex Il Conventino

The functional and architectural recovery of the monumental complex "Il Conventino", or the Convent of St. Francis de Sales in the popular San Frediano district, corresponds to a long-awaited desire of the city of Florence, especially since 2002 when the school activities that had animated the area for decades were discontinued. Following the indications provided by the client, the project envisaged a series of buildings and plant-engineering interventions to create a cultural and educational hub destined to host, in its total 6400 square metres of usable surface area, not only the Theological Faculty of Central Italy and the Higher Institute of Religious Sciences, but also the Diocesan Historical Archive and the residence of the Sisters of the Order of St. Francis de Sales.

location: Firenze
client: Seminario Arcivescovile Maggiore di Firenze
year: 2014-2016
project cost: €7.000.000
services: Architectural, Structural and Plant Design and Supervision of Works 

The entire architectural project was based on a new and more rational distribution of spaces with the creation of two new vertical connections;

the existing spaces were carefully studied and designed both with a focus on the historical and artistic recovery of the most important elements (floors, ceilings and stuccoes on the walls), and with a clear approach to containing construction costs.