Monastery of Crocetta

The architectural complex, consisting of the Church and the Monastery of the Dominican Sisters of Crocetta, is located in the area known as Varlungo in Florence. The project for the refunctionalisation and architectural reuse of the complex envisages the construction of two social welfare residential facilities, a canteen and the offices of the Caritas Solidarity Foundation. The design objective was to create a link between functions and users with different needs, within a building subject to monumental constraint. The new entrance on Via Aretina leads to the internal courtyard, a place of reception and access to all the services, characterised by a new volume. The ground floor housts the functions, open during daytime hours, the offices and the canteen, while the social welfare residences, Casa Vittoria and Casa Stenone, are located in the upper floors, to ensure greater privacy for users, who will be accommodated in the monastery cells. The church will host the exhibition of the Venerable Sister Domenica del Paradiso, founder of the Order. Finally, special focus has been given to the enhancement of the green areas of the complex; the vegetable gardens, located at the back of the complex, the inner courtyard and the side garden, wich will see the planting of fruit trees and autochthonous shrubs for the residents.

location: Firenze
client: Arcidiocesi di Firenze
year: 2021-in corso
project cost:5.600.000
services: Architectural, Structural and Plant Design and Supervision of Works