Villa Rosmini

The project is part of a building renovation with volumetric enlargement, of a building constructed before the 1940s, privately owned, located in Via Rosmini in Prato and situated within a residential district close to the historic centre.

location: Prato
client: Edilciacci srl
year: 2020-2024
project cost: €5.000.000 
services: Architectural, Structural and Plant Design and Interior Design Planning

In the new intervention, its historical, architectural and distributive character has remained unaltered, as well as the elevation, cornices, colours, plasters and fixtures. 

The project envisages the vertical division of the building into two residential units, thus arranging the individual flats on 3 floors each, both connected by an internal lift. Both housing units are characterised by parquet floors with underfloor heating , powered by photovoltaic panels.