SR325: Adaptation and safety project.

The upgrading and safety work involves a section of approx. 300 m of road S.R. 325 and a section of approx. 140 m of municipal road, via Fosco Ciampi, in the locality of "Il Fabbro", in the Municipality of Vaiano. The project of the intervention "S.R. 325 - Val di Setta e Val di Bisenzio - Safety and adaptation" envisages the widening of the existing road, the insertion of the pavement on the valley side of the road, and the addition of the guard-rail in the sections of road where is currently lacking. Consolidation works on the existing walls are also planned.

location: Prato
client: Regione Toscana – Direzione delle Politiche Mobilità, Infrastrutture e Trasporto Pubblico Locale
year: 2018-2019
project cost: €2.000.000
services: Architectural, Structural and Plant Design and Works Management