SRT71: Calbenzano S. Mama Variant

The project for the construction of the variant to SRT 71 between Calbenzano and S. Mama in the Municipality of Subbiano (AR), the so-called 'lot 2', started from the final section of the Calbenzano variant and, after a total length of about 1.82 km, joined the initial section of the S. Mama variant. The purpose of the intervention was to give continuity to SRT 71 between the towns of Calbenzano and S. Mama, whose issues were essentially due to the width of the current platform, (approximately 6.00 m) and to the presence of numerous dangerous direct accesses.

location: Subbiano, Arezzo
client: Regione Toscana
year: 2019-2024
project cost: €2.754.759
services: Works Management and Variant Design