Hotel Roveta

The design proposal for the re-functionalisation and renovation of the Sorgente Roveta Hotel is based on several key points such as space optimization, facades lightening, plan-volume expansion, and an overall architectural restyling aimed at renewing and enhancing the hotel's image for a high-level target audience.

location: Scandicci, Firenze
client: Fattoria S. Michele A Torri srl
year: 2021
project cost: n.d.
services: Architectural Design

Certain concepts such as the green system, the water and proximity to the Sorgente Roveta spring, and the sports-naturalistic vocation acquired over time, have guided the design choices based on an overall renovation, without however forgetting the main distinctive features of the hotel and the area in which it is located.

The hotel’s architectural-building project could not disregard a landscape and a naturalistic study of the context in which the hotel is located, which was in some way, reflected in the choices for the layout of the outdoor spaces, gardens, planting and pathways.